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We take the weird out of Waxing

Your partner for

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Waxing + Skin Care

Waxing is the new modern way to self care, and the good news for you.. It is no longer considered an after thought service!

Waxing is what WE DO.

It is what we specialize in, and we make sure to take care of your skin during the entire experience. We take it even further by offering skin care services completely tailored to your waxing journey with us.

We believe at BARE Body Waxing Studio that skin is the foundation to long lasting results.

Our Hard Wax is ethically sourced and manufactured in Australia with ingredients straight from the outback that are designed with SKIN in mind.​​​

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About our Hard Wax

Key Benefits:

  • Doesn’t go brittle

  • Flexible and pliable

  • For sensitive and intimate areas

  • Reduce redness and irritation

  • Made with synthetic resin making it hypoallergenic

Your skin is our #1 priority during any of our waxing services.

​Our Hard Wax is gentle and easy to apply, but has the power and grip of a strip wax leaving no hair left behind. 


This special Hard Wax Blend will ensure your skin is left non irritated and smooth regardless of the area being waxed.


Enjoy the natural scents of Mandarin & Lavender. An intoxicating and comforting aroma blend infused into our wax that fills our studio!

When you wax with BARE you wax local.

Our BARE Wax Team is the authority on Full Body Waxing and the SkinCare education needed for pre and post waxed skin. We believe skin care is the foundation to great waxing results!

Founded in 2020, BARE Body Waxing Studio is a locally owned and operated company that stared right here in Lake Charles, LA!

We love our strong community ties, and the long lasting relationships we are able to foster with our clients. When you wax with BARE your supporting a team of talented Estheticians that live and thrive right here in SWLA.


Our mission is to provide innovation for better pre + post wax results, skincare education, and superior services for our clients skin. We pride ourselves on hygiene and cleanliness. BARE Body Waxing Studio practices the safest wax techniques out today, and only uses Luxury - Hypoallergenic Vegan Products.


We are a team of Estheticians who really care about your skin, and pride ourselves on taking the "awkwardness" out of waxing.

Meet the BARE Wax Team

Message from the Founder

Hello there Bare Wax Clients!


My name is Jacquelyn K Owner & Founder of BARE Body Waxing Studio, and I am so happy you are here!


If you are reading this I am sure you have many questions about waxing, and what my business has to offer. Maybe you are a long time waxing pro looking for a new Esthetician, or a first time client wanting to try waxing as a new self-care routine. Either way I am here to help you along your waxing journey!

When I created my business I did not just have waxing in mind, but skin care as well. I have always had a profound interest in corrective skin care. I love helping, and educating others to achieve great skin. One thing I have found over my 10+ year career in waxing is that skin issues will always arise.

I have taken the time to research and develop treatments that would compliment, and help my clients skin during waxing. Over the last 2 years I have added corrective skin care services to the menu, and techniques to help my clients achieve beautiful skin to enhancing their waxing results.

Great results start with healthy, and well-prepared skin. Truth be told you ARE going to experience some type of issue along your waxing journey. Whether it be an ingrown hair, break out, or even a dark spot I am here to help!

photo of a young professional women in a navy blue suite and white top putting on black exam gloves

Jacquelyn K

Owner & Founder

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Featured in Thrive Magazines May Issue.

Quoted directly on Summertime Smooth Body Waxing Tips as SWLA experts for Waxing + SkinCare

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