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Experience the BARE Wax Difference.

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Unwanted body hair?
We get it.

Whether it's the summer sun or winter chills, smooth skin is always in.

But the constant cycle of shaving, the nicks, the razor burns, and the rapid regrowth can be downright frustrating. Plus, with every season comes a new set of skin challenges.

Think about it:


In the summer, you're battling sweat and the after-effects of shaving, leading to potential skin irritations. In the colder months, dry skin combined with stubble?


Not a great mix. And let's not even talk about the razor bumps and the uneven patches that seem to pop up no matter what you do. It's a year-long struggle, and your skin deserves better.


Consistent Smoothness

Ditch the daily shaving routine. With our top-notch waxing techniques, you'll enjoy long-lasting smooth skin

Goodbye Razor Bumps

Stop irritating your skin with dirty, dull, and bacteria filled razor blades. Experience a world of warm comforting wax that leaves no hair, or skin irritation behind.

Customized Skincare

Every skin type is unique, and so should be its care. Benefit from our personalized skincare, ensuring you're always in the spotlight for the right reasons.

​Searching for the best body waxing near you?

Look no further. BARE Body Waxing Studio promises not just hair-free skin, but a year-round skincare regimen. Book your session today and step into every season with confidence and radiant skin!

If your new to BARE
Click below and we will give you 20% off your First Wax!

Smooth Reviews

We take waxing seriously, see what our clients have to say!

Mic Mcelveen

Was my first ever wax experience and Jacquelyn exceeded my expectations and was so professional and informative! I will definitely be back. For anyone needing a wax, go see Jacquelyn at Bare Waxing!!


Your Skin + Waxing

A women escorting her wax client into a room for a brazilian wax service

At BARE Body Waxing Studio, we care about your skin beyond waxing.

Great results often start with healthy, and  well-prepared skin!


Are you currently struggling with ingrown hairs, break outs, or dark spots with your current routine? 

Great new, we are here to help!

SkinCare is the foundation to great waxing results

We have taken tried and true methods, tools, and techniques found in classic corrective skin care and have applied it to pre, and post waxed skin.

High Frequency Skin Therapy

LED Light Treatment

Oxygen Tonic

and Safe Ingrown Hair Removal

Our skin-safe treatments is what makes your wax experience at BARE different.


Each treatment has been built into our wax + skincare method. We understand the need for ingrown hair management when it comes to any form of hair removal, and want to help our clients achieve great wax results in and out side the studio.

Wax + SkinCare Benefits

Preps skin for a Wax

Brightens skin tone

Easier hair removal

Deeper Exfoliation

Detoxifies skin

Ingrown Hair Management

Did you know?

Most clients will experience an ingrown hair, bump and breakout during their waxing journey. If you struggle with these you are not alone!


A women preparing a bowl with a skincare mask

Waxing Services to fit every body.

A man watching as he is getting his arms waxed

We are a full service waxing studio that caters to both women and men. From Brows to Toes and everything in between, we have you covered!

Your body is normal,
Book the damn wax!

We offer Female and Male Brazilian Waxing with the added touch of our speciality skin care!


20% off you First Wax!


Certain restrictions apply.  See our POLICIES page for full details. 

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“Waxing is not just about hair removal. Its about evoking a feeling of self care and love, a feeling of empowerment and beauty. I fell in love with waxing when I saw the change in my clients from when they entered to when they left. They left feeling refreshed, lighter, beautiful and ready to take the day! At BARE Body Waxing Studio we want to give you the power of self care and spread the love one wax stick at a time.”
- Jacquelyn K
CEO & Founder
A photo of a women holding wax sticks


Have questions about waxing?

Check out our Wax Articles. Published weekly to keep you educated about everything waxing + skincare.

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