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Eye Brows

Brows are a specialty. Our expert estheticians are trained to create the perfect brow shape for you. Discover the importance of eyebrow waxing and how it can enhance your overall appearance.

Women laying down recieveing an eye brow wax

We do not believe in over waxing or tweezing

and will train your brows and educate you throughout the process. No two brows are a like (literally) and we have mastered the art of

illistration of an eye brow demonstraiting where to apply wax for hair removal

Brow Shapes for All


We understand the importance of a good brow shaping. 

Our expert estheticians will analyze your face shape and recommend the best brow shape to enhance your features.

Explore some common shapes below and our brow guidelines.

Price: $30

20% off for First Time Clients

Women laying down recieveing an eye brow wax

Natural Brow Shaping

illistration of an round shaped eye brow


Brows that have a soft, curved arch, rather than a sharp peak or a flat line. Rounded brows can give a harmonious and balanced appearance. The soft curves can impart a youthful and friendly look to the face.

illistration of an arched shaped eye brow
illistration of an flat shaped eye brow


Brows that have a relatively straight line with minimal or no arch. Flat brow shapes give a natural, youthful and understated look. It can lend a sense of stability, calmness, or seriousness to the face.


Brows that have a distinct and pronounced curve or peak. Arched brows can give a face a lifted appearance, emphasizing the eyes and adding a touch of drama.

illistration of a masculine shaped eye brow


Brows tend to be thicker, fuller, and straighter appearance than other shapes. They often have coarser hair and a denser growth pattern.

Brow Tinting

A women with henna stain painted on her brow

What is Brow Tinting?

Temporary staining of the skin and hair to give a "filled in" eyebrow effect.

Perfect for those who love a filled in brow look everyday!

Helpful  Solutions

Henna tint also helps to provide fullness to sparse brows, or to hide patches during the brow Re-growth process for those who wish to get back to their natural brow shape.

a women laying down receiving an eye brow wax

How long will tint last?

Henna Tint lasts up to:

2 weeks on Skin

4 weeks on Hair

A professional women dressed in a navy blue suite with a white top holding a pair of tweezers and sissors

Let us get your Brows Right!

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