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Your Skin's Best Friend: The Magic of Facial Packages

Hey there, skincare champs! Did you know that keeping up with facials can be like giving your skin a super boost? It's true! Let's dive into why grabbing a facial package is your skin's secret weapon.

Imagine you have a favorite superhero – like Captain Glow or Wonder Smooth. Facials are like those heroes for your skin! When you get a facial package, it's not just one rescue mission; it's a whole series of adventures for your skin. Packages usually come with a bunch of facials bundled together. This means your skin gets regular love and care, not just a one-time fix.

For most skincare clients they have areas of concern that they would like to focus on. In order to see results consistently our Esthetician's recommend 3 to 6 treatments every 4 weeks. This time period and amount can change based on each client's unique skin. So, the solution? Packages in amounts of 3! You can purchase it up front and know that you and your Esthetician can work hand in hand to get your skin where you want it to be.

Pro Tip: Home care is essential during and after this time period to see results

Think of facials as friendly check-ins for your skin. When you buy a package, you're scheduling regular meetings. These meetings help your skin stay healthy and happy. It's like having a sidekick (or a skincare sidekick, if you will!) to make sure your skin is always at its best. The plus side? Skincare packages are normally at a discounted price versus paying for each facial individually! So you can save your wallet and your skin all at the same time.

Now, let's talk about the cool part – the results! When you buy a facial package and stick to your appointments, it's like training with your favorite team. Your skin gets stronger and more radiant with each session. Regular facials help with things like fighting off the unwanted things that your skin can show (read: pesky pimples, hyperpigmentation, texture, etc.), keeping your skin hydrated, and giving you that amazing glow.

Here's the deal – consistency is the key. If you want your team (aka your skincare routine) to work its magic, you've got to show up for practice. Skipping appointments is like Captain America missing his shield – it just doesn't work as well. When you keep your appointments, you're giving your skin the best chance to shine.

Facial packages aren't just for special occasions. They're your secret weapon for everyday awesomeness. Whether it's preventing breakouts, staying hydrated, or just enjoying some relaxing skincare time, your facial package is there to save the day.

Here at BARE we offer facials for all skin tones and types across all genders and ages. We want to be a part of your skincare team so that you can put your crown on each morning knowing the fabulous person that you are.

So, there you have it, skincare buddies! Facial packages are like having a whole team of superheroes for your skin. They keep your skin healthy, happy, and ready for anything. Remember, sticking to your appointments is the secret ingredient. So, go ahead, treat your skin to a special adventure – it deserves it!

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