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You scheduled your FIRST BRAZILIAN WAX... now what?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Congratulation on finally taking that step to self-care! At this point you probably have heard from at least a dozen people about waxing. Be it your coworkers, family or friends... we are all getting Brazilian Waxes.

So what now?

I am sure your asking yourself, How do I prepare for this?.. How uncomfortable will this be?.. and I AM NERVOUS!

All of these things are very common valid concerns and feelings. But have no fear, BARE Body Waxing is here to help. If you are new to waxing the first step is making sure your hair is long enough. Most clients who shave daily will have enough hair growth after about 1 week post shave. We recommend letting your hair grow at least 1 1/2 - 2 weeks post shave. This will allow enough growth at the surface to get a smooth and clean wax. For a visual reference it needs to be about as long as uncooked grain of rice ( the kind of rice most of us cook with).

If you already have an established skin care routine that is GREAT! You are already a step ahead and will easily be able to incorporate more skin care. If not, that's OKAY too! The day before your wax (24 hrs to be exact) you want to make sure you are exfoliating and hydrating your skin.

Umm... You want me to do what? Is what you now maybe thinking. Here is the break down of what it means to exfoliate:

Ex-fo-li-ate - shed surface of skin. You want to remove any dry skin or excessive dead skin cell build up. We want your skin to be as soft and smooth as possible before your wax. This can be done is a few different ways. The most common and easily attainable is the use of a Sea Salt or Sugar Scrub. These can be found in most retail stores. We do not have a favorite, but our rule of thumb is to keep it scent and dye free. All natural is always best!

After you have exfoliated in the shower and you're all dried off you are going to apply a body moisturizer (lotion). This is something most people have at home and that we are sure you are familiar with! If not, that's OKAY! The same rules apply as shopping for your exfoliator, KEEP IT NATURAL. No scents or dyes. And that's it! Your skin is now prepared for your wax.

Exfoliation and hydration is wonderful for your entire body, but it is key to skin care when waxing.. but we will get more into that in our next blog!

On the day of your wax appointment come relaxed and ready to wax! Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. When you're a seasoned wax pro (like your coworker who escapes to wax on lunch) you can get away with just about anything... but for the first time keep it comfy. If you have a work-out routine try and get it in before your wax (not directly before) but at least by a few hours. After your wax you will not be able to exercise (heavily) for 24 hours. Our BARE Wax Estheticians will educate you during your service on the do's and don'ts post wax.

Now, we can't tell you how much it will or will not hurt. Quite frankly everyones level for discomfort is very different. But we can guarantee you will feel like a million bucks after and walk away with a level of confidence and empowerment unlike any other. Brazilian waxing is quite the experience, and one we pride ourselves on!

One more tip! Use the rest room, and try not to drink anything stimulating like caffeine right before your appointment. More than likely you will already be a little nervous and want to eliminate anything that can increase your sensitively or nervousness. Not getting a Brazilian Wax? Maybe you have booked a Bikini or Full Bikini. All of this information and tips still apply!

We can't wait to see you in our treatment rooms and taking

your waxing journey with us!

"Come start your waxing journey with us and let us take care of your skin."

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