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Waxing and Spray Tanning: The Dos and Don'ts for Perfectly Smooth, (SAFE) Sun-Kissed Skin

Unlock the secrets to flawlessly bronzed skin with our guide to navigating the delicate dance between waxing and spray tanning. From timing considerations to skincare tips, discover how to achieve a radiant glow without compromising your waxing results or risking sun damage to your skin. Whether you're a bronzed body-seeker or a salon regular, this guide will ensure your skin is prepped and primed for a picture-perfect finish.

The age-old question—should you wax before or after your spray tan? The answer: wax first, tan later. Waxing removes dead skin cells and hair, creating a smooth canvas for your spray tan to adhere to. Plus, getting your waxing done before your tan ensures no interference with the bronzing process.

When it comes to scheduling your waxing and spray tanning sessions, timing is everything. To avoid any potential interference, schedule your waxing appointment at least 24-48 hours before your spray tan. This allows your skin to calm down and ensures optimal adhesion of the tanning solution.

To maximize the longevity of your waxing results and your spray tan, indulge in some pre-tan skincare prep. Exfoliate gently 24 hours before your spray tan and 48-72 hours after your wax to slough off dead skin cells and ensure even application. Hydrate your skin with a non-greasy moisturizer to create a hydrated base for your tan.

After your spray tan, opt for gentle, hydrating skincare products to maintain your bronzed glow. Avoid harsh exfoliants or oil-based moisturizers, as these can strip away your tan prematurely. And remember to pat, not rub, your skin dry after showering to preserve your tan.

Summer is approaching fast get on the books for your waxing and get with your local salon for your spray tanning needs. It's time to experience the ultimate in smooth, sun-kissed skin. With our expert guidance, you'll be ready to step out with confidence and radiance. Let's make your beauty dreams a reality! ☀️✨

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