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Brazilian Waxing After Care Do's & Don'ts

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Imagine, you just completed your FIRST WAX! The entire service went perfectly. No hair left in sight, no pain, feeling completely empowered, and you are ready to take on the rest of your day. A bag of newly purchased products in hand, and more information about skin and hair than you thought you would have received from a wax session. You go to lunch with a friend, and shop a little (it is your day off of course). Later on your ready to start your NEW self-care down there skin care routine that your BARE Wax Esthetician told you all about. "Oh, $!@*" you say to yourself, I forgot EVERYTHING she told me. Good thing we have

Google, and a BARE Wax Blog!

If this is legit you right now, take a breath! As always we have you covered. Now, let's dive right in!

Any area of skin that is waxed is slightly compromised for the next few days. Waxing in a nut shell no matter how "gentle" it claims to be is still a skin irritant and can 100% can cause post inflammatory inflammation, redness, and bumps that can last a few days. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. Including but not limited to: Face, Under Arms, and Bikini Area(s). Most clients visiting BARE Body Waxing Studio are receiving at least one, if not all 3 of these services. Any areas waxed need to be kept clean, and unexposed to possible stressful skin conditions for a minimum of 24 hours.

Things you NEED TO AVOID (24 - 48 hours if possible):

Pools / Lakes

Hot Tubs

Steam rooms / Saunas

Vigorous Exercising

Sexual Activity (if receiving a Bikini Wax of any kind)

Tight restrictive clothing (Shape-wear, spandex)

Thing you NEED TO AVOID ( 3 - 5 days):

Tanning We DONOT advocate tanning, but if you must please wait 4 - 5 days and wear SPF

Spray Tan 3 - 4 days

Exfoliating with a scrub, shower glove, dry brush, or chemical exfoliate for 4 - 5 days


DO not expose your skin to anything that can or will cause excessive HEAT, FRICTION, or SWEAT. You CAN take a warm bath or shower. If you feel heat sensitivity it is normal, just take it easy on your skin.

A pretty simple list if we do say so ourselves, and something we know you can 100% commit to! Its all about the TLC of your delicate skin directly after your wax.

Now to the FUN part, the things you can do!

If you purchased our line of our after care products we Thank You, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. The Bump eRaiser line is designed with waxing, and truthfully all forms of hair removal in mind (yes, even shaving). We want you to have the best skin possible and live bump & ingrown free even if you decide waxing is just not for you.

Things you CAN DO (24 - 48 hours):

Apply Bump eRaiser Concentrate (aka Serum) as needed following your wax

Keep your skin hydrated with Bump eRaiser Lotion

Wear breathable, loose fitting clothing. (All natural fabrics are best)

Follow list of don'ts, and just take it easy on your skin

PRO TIP: If your skin is ultra sensitive (welts up easily, and or excessive redness) you can apply a topical Antihistamine following your wax.

The more you wax, the less "traumatic" it will be for your skin. I quote "traumatic" because waxing will always be a skin irritant, but over time as the hair growth lessens your wax appointments will be shorter. Your hair will come out more efficiently, thus needing less passes with the wax. Your skin will more than likely be less reactive, and you will experience less redness.

After 24 - 48 hours has gone by you may resume your normal activities!

Your BARE Wax Esthetician is here for your skin, pre and post wax. We want you to have the best wax results possible. That is why we the BARE Wax brand are such advocates for skin care at home and in the treatment room. We offer a rage of comprehensive skin care to treat ingrown hairs, bumps, break outs, and even dark spots!

If you purchased our at home skin care trio, remember to use it as followed to areas waxed:

Cleanse with the Bump eRaiser Body Wash Daily with a shower glove

Apply 2 - 3 spritz of Bump eRaiser Concentrate to clean dry skin

Apply a pea sized amount of Bump eRaiser Lotion directly after Concentrate

Remember to use the Concentrate and Lotion 2x daily (morning and night)

Pro Tip: Use a sea salt or sugar scrub 2x a week for a deeper at home exfoliation.

Bikini Clients:

If you are finding your self in need of a more comprehensive skin treatment book yourself a Bikini Facial, or upgrade to our BARE Essentials Brazilian Wax.

See you for your 4 week follow up!

-Jacquelyn K

If you haven't booked yet, Come and start your waxing journey with us!

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