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The truth about waxing

As an Esthetician of 10+ years I have always believed in being 100% transparent with my clients. Even if that means I may be talking them out of a service.

My goal as a skin care professional and service provider is to always make sure my clients get what is right for their skin.

This is no different when it comes to waxing, and I am here to break down the absolute truth when it comes to hair removal and your skin.

I have been a Body Waxing Specalist since 2012. (btw, I can not believe it has been that long already!) What I have seen is a lot of emphasis on the results, and many promises of super smooth bump free skin (aka no more razor burn). While that IS true, many of us do not see those results for a while. For some it can take months, for others it can take a year, and for the rare few it can happen immediately. (Something they DON'T tell you)

I personally expereinced many painful ingrown hairs when I first began waxing myself. I also did not have super smooth skin after a wax either. Like many of you I had these little hairs left behind that the wax simply could not get. Yes, I did follow all of the after care instructions for my post waxed skin, but sometimes it didn't seem to make a difference. None the less I had my mind set to always "practice what you preach", and since I chose Body Waxing as my niche I stuck with it. Over time my ingrown hairs started to lessen, and I no longer had these little hairs left behind. Fast forward to today (10 years later) I now get the occasional ingrown hair or bump. All of my hair comes out (no more little hairs left behind), my hair texture is very fine, and with areas that simply no longer grow hair!

I am not telling you it is going to take 10 years, because it won't!

Most of our clients see results with in the first 3-4 waxes, and with in a year they can start to experience patchiness in hair growth.

So why does the hair not all come out at once?

To put it simply, our hair grows in cycles. We have millions of hair follicles in our skin growing at different rates all the time! Some of us with courser hair textures can even expereince multiple growth cycles, with some follicles producing double hairs. (You can read more about hair growth cycles in our next blog)

When you start a wax routine (even if you had one stopped for a while and re-started) your hairs can and more than likely will be growing at different rates. Most clients will expereince the majority of their hairs being long enough to wax, and with a few short ones (usually less than 5%) not long enough to wax in the beginning of their waxing.

On average it can take up to 4 waxes before the hair is on the same growth cycle depending on your natural texture.

In a nutshell waxing is a process.

It is a process that needs to take place monthly and with consistent at home skin care.

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