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Debunking Waxing Myths & Misconceptions

By: Adele B.

Here are some common body waxing myths and misconceptions:

  • Waxing is extremely painful: While waxing may cause some discomfort, the pain is usually temporary and can be managed with proper preparation and technique. Additionally, regular waxing sessions can help reduce sensitivity over time.

  • Waxing causes skin damage: When done correctly by a trained professional, waxing is a safe and effective hair removal method that does not damage the skin. In fact, waxing can even help exfoliate and improve skin texture.

  • Waxing leads to thicker and darker hair regrowth: Waxing does not alter the color or texture of hair regrowth. In fact, regular waxing can even lead to slower and finer regrowth over time.

  • Waxing is only for women: Men can benefit from waxing as well, with services tailored to areas such as the back, chest, and legs.

  • You need long hair to wax: Contrary to popular belief, hair only needs to be 1/4 inch long to be waxed, which is typically achieved in about two weeks of hair growth.

  • Waxing causes skin to sag: There is no evidence to support this claim. Properly performed waxing does not cause the skin to sag or lose elasticity.

  • Waxing is not suitable for sensitive skin: While waxing may cause temporary redness or sensitivity, it can be suitable for sensitive skin when done by an experienced professional using gentle products formulated for sensitive skin.

All forms of hair removal have myths and facts. Remember, it is important to consult with a professional esthetician for accurate information and personalized advice regarding waxing. Do you have any facts or myths you've heard and wonder if they are real? Ask us! We love to answer questions about our profession.

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