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So.... Why Waxing?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Waxing this, waxing that.. WAXING WAXING WAXING. You see it everywhere from big cities to small towns, waxing is here and it is here to stay! Centuries old, waxing has been a staple for hair removal in many different cultures.

Of course in 2022 we have many different ways to remove hair, and some methods more permanent (and costly) than others. But waxing is not going anywhere anytime soon.

So why waxing?
Why is it better than my standard razor?
Why do I need a professional?

Because waxing is awesome! Duhhh! As much as we would like to think that is everyones (especially our 1,000+ clients) response to waxing, there is actually a complete science behind it that we at BARE Body Waxing Studio think is pretty remarkable. Repeated waxing will stop your hair growth over time. In the process your hair will become finer, softer, and eventually little to NO HAIR GROWTH! Yes, you read that right NO HAIR!... but HOW?! you maybe asking yourself. Because (in Bill Nye famous voice) SCIENCE! Your body is designed to always repair its self. Be it a cut, a bruise or even a broken bone you body will always try. We are here to disrupt your hair cycles and kill them off for good!

You have millions of hair follicles in your skin. Not all are growing at the same rate or time, but they are always there ready to go! We work on keeping up with your bodies natural hair regeneration cycle to continuously destroy your hair follicle and your bodies ability to grow it. In a nut shell we are disrupting your hair growth cycles, prematurely removing the hair while it is still attached to the root system (what feeds and grows your hair cells), and destroying it every time in the process. Now your body is so awesome that it will month after month try and repair and regrow that hair. BUT, eventually your hair follicles will become so weak and destroyed that they will no longer be able to sustain a healthy hair growth cycle, and POOF! NO MORE HAIR. Pretty cool huh?

Of course this is not an over night process. It takes time, years really for this to happen. This also depends on how often waxing is done and ones natural hair texture. In our experience clients can see reduced hair density and sometimes patchiness in a little as 6 months. One thing we can guarantee: No hair for up to an entire month, and an instant change in hair texture and density. Meaning hair that was once course in texture is now finer and softer. Something your razor will never provide.

So why should you see a professional?

"Waxing sounds easy enough, and I have YOUTUBE."... Right? Well, we don't mean to brag but we have some of the best wax money can buy. Yes, your Amazon cart maybe filled with some ready to go, but we assure you wax is not all created equal. We also have a skill set that has been mastered for years, a decade long to be exact. As easy as waxing seems to be you can tear your skin causing damage, or even break hair resulting in in-grows and infected pores just to name a few. This is something we absolutely do not want for you. Seeing an Esthetician (what we are professionally licensed as) for all your skin care needs, waxing included will ensure you have the best results possible.

Okay, great! But...

What's wrong with my old trusty razor?

Nothing is really wrong with it per-say. But if you are looking for long lasting results you are not going to find it there. The #1 complaint we get from our clients switching from shaving to waxing is the BUMPS and SKIN IRRITATIONS. When is the last time you cleaned or changed your razor?... I'll wait. Probably a while ago, and I have never had anyone tell me they sanitize their razor after every shave. NOT ONE.

Razors are a great way to grow some bacteria tho! All of those tasty skin cells and hair. Moisture, soap build up, and most bathrooms are dark. Remember those petri dishes in school that we got to "grow bacteria" in for science class? We kept them in a dark closet, and in the dishes were a food and water source? Well, your razor is NO DIFFERENT. Take a look at the back of yours if you don't believe me.

When you shave, unless you are using a fresh sanitized razor every time, you are depositing bacteria right on to your skin, into your now open pores... and BAM! Here comes the razor bumps and skin irritations. Sometimes its not just your bacteria either, do you have a room-mate?.. Kids?.. a partner? Yeah, they could be using your razor too... Uhh GROSS! On top of that the blades of the razor become dull very very quickly. Leaving your skin vulnerable to nicks, cuts, and that god awful RAZOR BURN. Waxing completely eliminates all of this. There are no dirty dull blades involved, and we use a FRESH STICK every single time. No DOUBLE - DIPPING here! Your skin is left bacteria free, lightly exfoliated, soft and hair free for weeks.

Of course this is not a jab at the razor industry. There is still a place for all of us. We just have more choices these days that provide different results and options! We at BARE Body Waxing Studio look at waxing in an investment for yourself. There are long term benefits to a monthly waxing schedule, not just the instant gratification of no hair and smooth skin.

Take care of you, while we take care of your skin!

Come start your waxing journey with us!


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