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Best Underwear for Your Skin

Updated: May 2, 2023

Did you know the type of underwear you choose matters?

Wearing the right underwear all the time matters but especially if you get waxed. Want to know how to help minimize those bumps and breakouts post wax? Then keep on reading.

You might be wondering how to identify if switching those undies can help? Well, do you have any of the following:

  • Rash-like skin irritation that doesn’t go away

  • Small bumps (white or red) around hair follicles/pores

  • Acne-like spots (filled with pus)

  • Swelling around pores

  • Bumps that feel tender to the touch

Those big (and sometimes painful) bumps are usually either folliculitis or keratosis pilaris, two common skin conditions that act similarly to acne.

  • Folliculitis: This condition is the inflammation of your hair follicles, so it can happen anywhere where you have hair (even on your butt). The main culprit is bacteria that gets into the follicle, but you can also develop inflammation from damaging or blocking the pore (like when shaving or wearing makeup). Folliculitis mimics acne, creating pus-filled bumps—fun!

  • Keratosis Pilaris: If you have smaller or scaly bumps across your bum, you probably have keratosis pilaris. This is when your body produces too much keratin protein in your hair follicles. Unfortunately, the condition is quite common, affecting 50-70% of kids and teens and about 40% of adults. Bonus: it’s typically hereditary, and experts don’t know how to prevent it.

So how do you fix it?

We've partnered with WAMA Underwear to solve this problem for you.

Wearing breathable, antibacterial, and natural fabrics are your best bet!

"WAMA Underwear is made from all natural hemp fabric. Hemp is extremely durable (3-8x stronger than cotton) and requires little water and no chemicals to grow. Even the manufacturing process remains toxin-free. So you can wear your hemp bra or high waisted underwear knowing that your sensitive bits are safe. Click the button below to view the underwear options for men and women."

Are you worried about using "weed underwear?"

Here is a little excerpt from WAMA's Blog about the difference between weed and hemp:

"Many people are confused about the whole hemp vs marijuana thing so let's take a second to clear that up."

"Both come from the same plant genus, the Cannabis plant. The difference lies in the chemical composition. The Cannabis plants that make weed have a high content of THC (the component which causes psychoactive effects) while hemp contains an insignificant amount of THC.

Hemp has been harvested by humans for many centuries and used for rope, clothing, and even paints and ink. It is a very durable fabric and its production requires little water to produce which makes it a great choice for the planet."

WAMA Underwear is a great option for underwear that can help your skin regardless of waxing or shaving. Hemp is naturally antibacterial to reduce the risk of those painful bumps. They are breathable for all activities even exercising! They also have a great way to measure and be sure you are getting the right fit. Most people wear underwear that don't fit properly which can also lead to bumps, ingrowns, and breakouts.

If you are hesitant to buy something online then stop by and check out our in-store sample so you can touch them and feel for yourself the difference hemp fabric can make for you.

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