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Know before you book

Understanding the Bikini Wax Types


Bikini Line

Hair is removed from outside the panty line to 3-finger width

onto the inner thigh, plus a little off the top of the pubic area (right

below lower abdomen)

Results you can smile about

 Up to 4 weeks of smooth, hair-free skin.​

Significantly less irritation compared to shaving.

 ​More time to hit snooze in the morning instead of wrestling with a razor.

Smoother skin that's even in tone and touch.

 Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and hello to a confident you.

Why choose BARE?

Because we're not just about waxing; we're about creating a Skin Care Experience.

It is an experience where comfort meets confidence, and every visit feels like a mini spa day with your BFF.

No matter the service, our BARE Wax Estheticians follow an expert process crafted with your skin in mind.

BARE Body Waxing Studio is founded with over a decade of waxing + skincare knowledge.

Skin Care is one of BARE's pillars, and it is one of the reasons so many clients seek us out as their partner in waxing.

The secret is in the skin care!

Exfoliation, Hydration, and Clean skin will keep ingrown hairs at bay.

Post-wax treatments significantly reduce redness and bumps.

Safely remove ingrown hairs with a Bikini Facial to reduce skin scaring

Reduce and lighten dark marks caused by shaving and past ingrown hairs

Professional exfoliation treatments designed for the most sensitive skin

World of Waxing + Skin Care

Understanding why skincare matters, and never experience poor results again!

No client goes unseen.

We welcome women and men of all shapes and sizes who are ready to start their waxing journey.

As Estheticians, we are natural caregivers at heart and pride ourselves on making anyone who walks through our doors comfortable.

It's only weird the first time

We all can remember our first time on the wax table, and for most of us, it was an unknown, nerve-wracking experience that had our adrenaline pumping as we walked into our first appointment! 

(Knees weak, palms sweaty for sure.)

If you are reading this and imagining your first wax at this very moment being nothing short of weird and painful, you are not alone because we all were YOU.

If there was a dollar for every time a client hopped off the wax table and said, "It wasn't that bad!"

We'd have many, many dollars.


But, this is why we have many pre-booked appointments and happy clients!

Because it truly isn't that bad.

"I just had my first appointment at this studio and it was AMAZING. My dermaplaning facial and brazilian wax with kayla was great. The facial was so relaxing and my skin is literally glowing. My wax came out so amazing she literally did not leave a hair in sight. 10/10 Recommend. I will definitely be back."

Destiny Mckay

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If you are tired of shaving...

Hello to being BARE.

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