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Bikini Facials (aka Vajacials): What Exactly is a Bikini Facial, and What one is Right for Me?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

I'm sure if you have done any social media searches about Brazilian or Bikini Waxing you have come across the infamous Vajacial, or what we like to call them Bikini Facials!

And not all Bikini Facials are created the same. At BARE Body Waxing Studio we believe in skin care first.

Here is the scoop on how we approach Bikini Facials, and how it works hand in hand with your waxing.

So what exactly is a Bikini Facial ?

We are so glad you asked!

We have designed our Bikini Facials to do a multitude of things for your skin pre and post wax. If you have had a wax by us before you know that we embrace the infamous ingrown hair, and any / all skin issues that can arise from waxing. Our Bikini Facials help to degrease the skin and hair, gently exfoliate, remove ingrown hairs and clogged pores, help improve skin tone, prevent / treat ingrown hairs, help aid in skin healing, and prep skin for a better wax! ...Whew!

Wow, that's a lot right? A legit facial but for your BIKINI AREA!

Skin is skin no matter the area on the body. We put so much emphasis on the face that we forget about the rest of us! FUN FACT: Our skin is the largest organ on the body and contains millions of pores and hair follicles.

This means you can have break outs virtually anywhere, and ingrown hairs are no different. When a hair becomes ingrown we see a lot of redness, and inflammation on the skin. This is because that hair is growing within your pore and stretching it out from the inside... ouch! On top of that we usually see bacterial infections (aka break outs or white heads). The oils our skin produces to lubricate the hair as its growing out of the pore is now trapped inside. The bacteria feeds off the oil creating the infection or "white puss" that we see.

Bacteria will always live on your skin, the good, the bad, and the down right ugly! (staph and MRSA just to name a few )

So why does all that matter when it comes to waxing? Ingrown hairs are the #1 issue and complaint clients have when it comes to their skin. (You can read more about ingrown hairs on our next blog post ) Most clients come to us uneducated and down right frustrated with past waxing experiences and results. Our Bikini Facials are truly designed to help clients safely manage ingrown hairs, and over all achieve better wax results.

Our Bikini Facials are a 45 minute service, and can be done a few ways. We offer 3 different kinds to address the most common skin issues we see in wax clients.

3 most common concerns when it comes to waxing:

  • Removing all of the hair (yes even the itty bitty ones)

  • Ingrown hairs, and break outs

  • Reduce pigmentation issues (dark spots)

Each Bikini Facial starts off the same by prepping the skin. We apply steam to help enlarge the pores and soften the skins surface. A cleanser is applied with an ultrasonic skin scrubber to gently remove oils, dirt and debris. The light vibration also provides a micro exfoliation. Next we do a light scrub to slough off a few layers of dead skin cells to further prep the skin for either a wax, deeper exfoliation, treatment or ingrown hair extractions depending on

what Bikini Facial we are preforming.

All of our Bikini Facials are also ended in the same. We utilize skin healing techniques to treat the skin to reduce any post inflammatory inflammation. High Frequency Skin Therapy, our O2SKINPRO Oxygen Mask, and LED Light Therapy are applied to the skin to treat it inside and out.

You can read more about these modalities on our service menu!

Here is the run down of exactly what we have to offer when it comes to Bikini Facials.

Our 3 Hand Crafted Bikini Facials:

  • The Original Bikini Facial ( Can be combined with a wax)

  • The Ingrown Hair Bikini Facial

  • The Skin Tone Correction Bikini Facial

So which one is right for you?

Are you:

  • Looking for a better wax?

  • Wanting help managing ingrown hairs, bumps, and breakouts?

  • Looking to improve your skins tone and texture?

Choosing one of these will help narrow down what Bikini Facial is right for you, and maybe you have more then one concern! We can absolutely discuss other treatment options to combine with any of these facials to help you on your waxing journey.

The Original Bikini Facial is going to give you a deep clean, light exfoliation, and really prep your skin. This will help for the wax to pick up even the tiniest of hairs. The steam paired with cleansing and light exfoliation will degrees the skin stripping away the natural oils from the hair. Dead skin cell layers will be gently removed from the light buffing of the exfoliator and micro vibration from the ultra sonic skin scrubber. All of this will help soften the skins surface prepping it for the wax itself and extractions.

The wax will glide on the skin better, and pick up even the smallest of hairs.

This Bikini Facial CAN BE combined with a wax because we are not doing any heavy exfoliating. Our Original Bikini Facial + Brazilian Wax is one of our top 5 services!

Clients really love the experience and the results. Even the smallest of hairs is picked up by the wax, and our Estheticians spend time removing any ingrown hairs, and black heads with our 10x magnification lamp to ensure every hair is GONE, and for safe ingrown removal.

The Ingrown Hair Bikini Facial is designed with extractions in mind.

Truth be told many of us suffer from ingrown hairs, bumps, and breakouts whether we are waxing or shaving!

This Bikini Facial is going to help purge your skin of impurities. We deeply exfoliate with an Enzyme Peel to reveal any trapped hairs right under the skins surface, and to stimulate your skins cellular regeneration process. Over the course of the next few days your skin will start to push out any additional trapped debris inside your pores (ingrown hairs, and oils). Next we spend time gently extracting any visible ingrown hairs, clogged pores a.k.a. blackheads, and drain any pustules. This Bikini Facial needs to be done 1 week (5-7days) POST WAX. We need the surface of the skin to be as hair free as possible for the treatment to be effective. This CANNOT be combined with a wax since we are deeply exfoliating the skin with and Enzyme Peel.

If you’re looking to improve your skins tone and texture then The Skin Tone Correction Bikini Facial is for you.

The majority of clients struggle with dark spots from past skin traumas such as; ingrown hairs, break outs, and even shaving. While they will slowly fade over time there are techniques that we can do to help speed up the process. This Bikini Facial utilizes a Lightning Enzyme Peel to help break up the pigment with in the dark spot, and will reveal brighter more even toned skin. Just like the Enzyme Peel used in the Ingrown Hair Bikini Facial your skin will continue to improve over the next several days. Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) from past skin traumas can be hard to treat. We recommend this Bikini Facial on a monthly basis until desired results are achieved. This also CANNOT be combined with a wax since we are deeply exfoliating the skin with and Enzyme Peel, and needs to be done 1 week (5-7days) POST WAX.

Some clients opt for The Original Bikini Facial + Brazilian Wax every month!

We recommend getting a Bikini Facial once every 2 - 3 waxes for ingrown hair control and over all skin maintenance. Talk with your BARE Wax Esthetician to see what one is right for you!

Are you ready to start your waxing journey?

Book a service with us!

We can't wait to see you!

-Jacquelyn K

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