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The Importance of Body Care After Waxing

Hey there, beautiful souls! Let's talk about the often-overlooked step in your skincare routine: body care after your shower. Whether you've just indulged in a relaxing waxing session or simply want to elevate your post-shower routine, taking care of your skin is key to maintaining a healthy, radiant glow. Here's why body care after your shower is so important:

Lock in Moisture

After a warm shower, your skin is more receptive to moisture. Sealing in that hydration with a nourishing body lotion or oil helps to prevent dryness and keep your skin soft and supple. Look for products with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, almond / jojoba oil, or hyaluronic acid for maximum moisture retention.

Fun Fact: The very popular coconut oil has very large molecules and can clog pores. Almond & Jojoba oil are smaller molecules and can be better absorbed into our skin leading to better hydration. So put the coconut oil down and look for products using almond or jojoba oil instead!

Soothe and Calm

If you've just undergone a waxing session, your skin may be feeling a bit sensitive. Applying a soothing lotion or cream can help calm any irritation and reduce redness, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Opt for products with anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera or chamomile to soothe and comfort the skin.

Our Pros Recommend: Bump Eraiser Triple Action Lotion

Extend the Benefits of Waxing

Proper post-waxing care is essential for maintaining smooth, hair-free skin between sessions. Exfoliating regularly helps to prevent ingrown hairs and keep your skin looking smooth and radiant. Additionally, using products specifically formulated for post-waxing care can help prolong the results of your waxing session and minimize discomfort.

Pro Tip:

"After your shower, gently pat your skin dry with a towel and immediately apply a generous amount of moisturizer to lock in moisture. Pay special attention to areas that have been waxed to soothe any irritation and keep your skin looking its best."

- Jaquelyn Kraemer

Owner / Founder of BARE Body Waxing Studio

So, whether you've just treated yourself to a luxurious waxing session or simply want to pamper yourself after a shower, don't forget to show your skin some love with proper body care. At BARE Body Waxing Studio, we're here to help you achieve your smoothest, most radiant skin yet. Book your appointment today and let's elevate your skincare routine together!

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