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What to do before a Wax: Never be under-prepared for a wax again.

You know I am an Esthetician who cares when I go out on a limb and share these gems with you. I am tired of seeing misinformation and frustrated clients regarding a new wax routine and what you should do to prepare. But let me make this introduction sweet and get right to the point!

Who am I?

My name is Jacquelyn, and I am a 10+ year Licensed Esthetician and Body Waxing Specialist. I founded BARE Body Waxing Studio in 2020 and made it my mission to provide a great waxing service and educate clients on exactly what they need to do. With servicing over 1,000 clients and helping them achieve the skin of their dreams, I know a thing or two about waxing.

Women holding wax sticks

First-Time Wax Appointment

If you've had a wax before, feel free to skip over this section or read along. Who knows, you may have missed something on your first go-around.

The first step to success is the preparation

I can not stress this enough. Do not come to your first wax appointment unprepared. I see so many first-time clients make this mistake, especially regarding attire. Please do not wear your tightest-fitting jeans, a one-piece jumpsuit, spanks, shapewear, sweaty gym clothes, or heavy workwear. 

What you should be wearing are pretty simple—loose-fitting clothes. 

A flowing dress, your favorite pair of loose sweatpants or shorts—preferably breathable fabrics.

Examples of Breathable Fabrics:

Cotton, Lines, Hemp - essentially anything not man-made!

Do not skip out on your skincare

I want to tell you that skincare for the whole body is a thing, and it should absolutely be done daily.

There is a lot of misinformation about applying lotion before waxing, which can make the waxing process less effective.

This could not be more wrong.

It will actually make your waxing more successful because your skin is not in a dry, sensitized state, and the hair is also correctly hydrated. (Yes, lotions do aid in hair hydration.)

There are a few things to unpack here:

The first one is that when your skin is dry, it gets sensitive, and when your skin is in this stressed, sensitive state, the last thing you want to feel is wax. 

Waxing on dry skin will always feel more uncomfortable than it needs to be. Imagine your lips dry and chapped with broken skin. No matter what touches them they hurt! Now imagine that same type of feeling for the skin on your body with wax being applied and hair removed.. OUCH!

That is the scenario when you show up to your wax appointment with dehydrated skin.

The second is hair. When hair becomes dry, it becomes brittle. Brittle hair is weak and can break easily. During a wax, we need hair to be hydrated enough for it to leave the skin without breaking.

Always Remember:

Broken Hairs = Ingrown Hairs

Exfoliation is king, but hydration is queen.

Have you ever played chess?

The goal is for the queen to protect the king, but the queen is the most powerful player.

While exfoliation is vital and essential to waxing prep and success, lotion is the true secret to better results and fewer uncomfortable wax sessions. 

Do this and all your waxes will be smooth sailing:

Exfoliate with a scrub 2-3x times a week, and Lotion your skin 2x twice daily.

My pro advice for first-time clients is to lotion the skin twice a day leading up to their appointment and exfoliate twice the week of their wax.

If you scheduled your appointment last minute (less than 48 hours ago), skip the exfoliation and simply hydrate!

Do not show up to your appointment drinking these

Coffee, energy drinks, loaded teas, alcoholic beverages, or anything else that is meant to stimulate you is a ticket to discomfort. 

While alcohol is not a stimulant it is never okay to show up to your wax appointment impaired.

Save the drinks for celebration after your wax.

Daily routines

After waxing, you want to keep it cool and simple. Whether it is your first or 100th time, it is always advised not to do anything strenuous right after.

If you exercise regularly, do it a few hours before. I recommend 4 hours. This is enough time for you to shower, change, and allow your skin to relax.

Do not resume until 24 - 48 hours have passed.

Why? During exercise, we create heat, friction, and sweat that can negatively impact our skin. Trust me, the last thing you want is irritated skin post-wax.

I want you to come clean for your wax, but please do not shower right before. The heat from the water can dry out your skin, raise your skin temperature, and cause more sensitivity. I recommend showering for 2 hours before your appointment. 

While I will never advocate sun tanning, and most people are educated about the cancerous dangers it can cause, I have to mention it (because some people still choose to tan).

If you frequent a tanning bed, please do not tan on the day of your appointment. Tanning will create a dry skin environment and cause you to have more discomfort during your waxing. Tanning can also give you sunburn regardless of how much of a “base color” you have. I also advise you not to tan 3-4 days post wax, as your newly exfoliated skin is more susceptible to sunburn. (Yes, waxing is an excellent form of exfoliation too)

Spray tanning is okay and should be done 3-4 days after your wax, not before. We do not want to remove the color, and you need to give your skin time to recover after wax.

Supplements and Medications

While most OTC items will not affect a wax, it is always advised to be honest about your medications. Some medications can have a negative impact on the skin, causing the skin to lift during the wax, and we certainly do not want that!

If you have any questions ask your primary care provider, and run it by your esthetician to make sure.


Waxing is a feel-good service, and you want to show up happy! Yes, it can be nerve-wracking if it's your first time, but having an open mind and being optimistic is half the battle. Clients who show up this way always succeed more than those who don't. 

My advice: Make it a total self-care day! Get your nails done, do a little shopping, eat at your favorite restaurant, send the kids to a babysitter, listen to good music, and enjoy your self-care moment.

Doing all of these things is a sure way to set yourself up for an amazing first-time waxing experience, and should be continued thereafter. 

Because who does not want every appointment to be great?

Oh, Before you go I want to give you one more thing:

20% off your first wax appointment!

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Yes, my friend, you earned it. 

Take that long overdue self-care day I know you're imagining for yourself. You deserve it.

See you soon!


  • Jacquelyn


If you have any additional questions, feel free to send us a message!

No question is silly, and we LOVE to educate.

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