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Hey Smooth Operator!

Got friends wondering about your secret to that oh-so-silky skin?

Or pals puzzled by your perpetually perfect brows? Well, it's time to spill the beans and earn while you're at it!


BARE Body Waxing Studio's Referral Program!

Here's the smooth scoop:


Share your BARE-tastic experience with your buddies.



They dive into the world of BARE and get a fab 20% off their first wax.

(Because first impressions should always be smooth, right?)



And for your fabulous recommendation?

You'll bag 20 BARE Wax Points to sprinkle on your next reservation.



Think of it as our way of saying, "Thanks for sharing the smooth love!" 

So, whether you're dishing out the deets on our magical wax formula or just letting friends in on your secret to skin as smooth as butter, we've got rewards waiting for you!

Ready to be the talk of the town?


Share, earn, and keep the smooth vibes rolling! Because at BARE, we believe that good things (and smooth skin) should be celebrated and shared.

Spread the word, earn the perks, and let's get everyone in on the BARE bliss!

P.S. Who knew gossiping about your smooth routine could be so rewarding?

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